Tel Aviv Spa -Alexander Aparthotel Tel Aviv

Our Spa Treatments
The Essence of Indulgence
A relaxing, purifying and gentle massage combining coconut oil and aromatherapy oils produced from the natural essences of flowers and plants. An experience to alleviate tension relax your body completely and place you in harmony with your surroundings. 
(Make sure to keep out of the sun for at least one hour after the treatment).
To The Edge
A scalp and foot massage targeting the body’s extremities, its most sensitive and dominant parts. A scalp massage to release scalp and neck tension, followed by a foot massage that focuses on indulgence and relaxation.
Circle of Life
An Alexander Spa specialty, this massage promotes optimum well-being for the expectant mother (from week 16). A gentle, soothing and pampering experience combining coconut oil and restorative essential oils, to reduce the feeling of heaviness, stabilize posture and loosen up your lower back and hips.
Dancing Fingers
Two massage practitioners and four hands working in harmony at the same time, for an enhanced massage that augments energy flow and induces a sense of levitation.
60 minutes, ILS 650/75 minutes, ILS 750
A Healing Touch
Reflexology - a therapy session based on pressure and massages to the key reflex points of the feet. The treatment reduces stress and returns body and mind to equilibrium.
Japanese touch
A Japanese Shiatsu massage that applies pressure to the meridian lines of energy, to relax the body and promote self-healing.  
(Wear comfortable clothing for this massage)
A purifying classic deep muscle massage with heated coconut oil, to stimulate blood circulation, alleviate pressure and free the body of muscle tension.
A deep tissue massage using coconut oil and stimulating essential oils, to penetrate deeply into your body's muscles and manipulate them. A massage for intense relaxation, to unravel tension in sore, tight muscles.
A massage combining various techniques, including work on pressure points.
Signature Massages
The Alexander
A special aromatherapy massage featuring a blend of grapeseed oil and essential oils concocted exclusive for the Alexander Spa.
#1. To care for the skin
#2. For relaxation
#3. To strengthen muscles.
60 minutes, ILS 475
(Make sure to keep out of the sun for at least one hour after the treatment)
  1. The Silk Road – An Alexander Spa exclusive massage using silk scarfs for stretching and movement The purpose of this massage is to make joints more flexible and lengthen tendon and muscles.
  (Wear comfortable clothing for this massage) 60 minutes, ILS 490
  1. And the Alexander Spa’s very special Ayurveda massage, with a practitioner that learned and sharpened her skills in India – from 1.5 to 10 hours. For costs. Please check with the spa.
The Alexander Spa is open to hotel guests and visitors from outside. Alexander All-suites Hotel guests are granted a discount of 20% on all treatments
This is the flagship treatment of the Dermalogica Company, including a unique peeling for skin rehabilitation and revitalization. The treatment is done with products containing a high concentration of multivitamins and fruit acids. It is an ideal treatment for those with dry skin, skin with sun damage and skin in need of renewal and regeneration of skin cells. The results are immediate after the first treatment. The treatment is also recommended as a series of treatments.
1 hour treatment
A unique anti-stress therapy that combines cleansing, massage and the introduction of aromatic soothing to the skin. The treatment leaves your skin calm, clear, radiant and full of moisture and is recommended for all skin types including sensitive skin.
1 hour
A classic facial treatment combined with a deep cleansing. The treatment begins with a deep cleansing facial skin exfoliation followed by a unique rice peeling that gives the skin a healthy, clean and shiny look and feel. Treatment includes massage and mask treatment for nourishing and rejuvenating skin. Treatment is recommended for all skin types and is suitable for all ages.
1 hour
For Men
Facial cleansing optimized for the special needs of male skin. The treatment soothes sensitive skin, purifies and cleanses, leaving skin refreshed, relaxed and healthy looking.
50 minutes
An advanced anti-aging mask that combines cutting-edge technology and innovation for firming and renewing facial skin cells. Elixir cell is suitable for women over 35 and it helps maintain normal structure of the internal layers of cells and protects the DNA of skin cells. The treatment combines two unique masks leaving your skin fresh and glowing.
 75 minutes 
24 Carat
A luxury facial treatment for healthy and glowing skin involving a 24-carat gold mask. It is a powerful treatment that contains a cocktail of vitamins and minerals for the skin. It involves a unique mask containing gold dust that helps resuscitation and dramatic rejuvenation of skin and reduction in the signs of ageing.
  75 minutes 
The Alexander Romance
An advanced treatment based on fruit acid that encourages skin regeneration. The treatment is performed using advanced technology to repair free radicals damage that cause early aging of the skin and involves the use of silicone-based natural aromatic essences. The treatment finishes with a firming elastic mask. Treatment is suitable for all skin types and optimal for people who smoke.
 1 hour